If possible, I'd like to see the evening colours back.

As far as I can remember, I think the "fading" was taken out due to some incompatibilities with Windows XP or so ?

There would be more to think about ...

Personally, I'd just love to see the blocked areas to be free smile , but I doubt this would be possible.

I never understood, by the way, why some of the highest hills (in the mountains) were not accessible ... I think, opening the blocked areas would be some kind of fun to explore. smile

Two more points : If possible, I'd like to see the "Source" thing back (I think it was a quest, wasn't it ?), and I vaguely remember another cat there, who spoke quite lowly of Arhu, the cat ...

Another point is that there I think was a quest planned around a character called "Der Adler", who was depicted as an eagle on the very first anniversary wallpapers ... If I remember correctly, this was cut out.

Personally, if I was working on div it would rather be some kind of "restauration project" than anything else ... wink

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