Ah finaly the message I was waiting for. =)

Few suggestions:

- some quests/npcs in the wastelands. I love the fact, that the game does not end with the "gong cermenoy" but the wastelands were really boring^^
- an access to the mountains around the dwarf entrance ( I always wondered what's up there... wink )
- fixing some borrow/crossbow abilities that do not work yet
- balancing Josephina (weaker) and improving the strenght of the Lord of Lies. (I'm not sure if he is called so; i played the german version wink ) He is way to easy in comparison to Josi.
- Balancing the scorpions (lvl 100?) and the frost (to easy with this ability, especially at a weapon).
Thanks a lot.

Thank you for creating this extraordinary game. =) It's one of my favourites. You can explore so many areas and find funny easter-eggs.

p.s. sorry for my english xD