In what way does anything you just posted contradict what we said, or somehow prove correct your criticsm of our reviews? The question was not whether Damian would like to resurrect Ygerna or not. Of course he would - but he failed at it, and she didn't. And he didn't know that she was acting through the player character.

You wrote:
because he wanted to make Dragon Knight (protagonist) and Zandalor do the job (the Damian itself wasn't the dragon descendant so he wasn't able to do some things) for him.

But before you wrote:
Yes, he didn't know that the main goal of Zandalor and protagonist is to resurrect Ygerna, not to destroy her soul

So what exactly is going on here? Because the game pretty explicitly states that both Ygerna and Damian were trying to achieve the same thing, but Damian failed where Ygerna didn't. Because he had no idea what she was doing. He wasn't using Zandalor and the player character, because he didn't know they were being used by his girlfriend. That's why he is surprised at the end of the game.

As we can see in the end-cutscene he is not surprised (not even a little) that Ygrena has awoke, because he waited for it since his plan succeeded.

And yet again... yes he is surprised, because it quite specifically wasn't his plan, it was hers, and they couldn't communicate. He had no idea what was going on.

So what's your point? I'm starting to think that you've simply stumbled over the simple fact that when my wife wrote that "Ygerna wants to be resurrected. Damian wants Ygerna resurrected, although he doesn’t know he does." she was simply being sarcastic about Damian's ineptness and the fact that he doesn't realize what the player character's actions would actually cause.

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