Saw the linked post on RPG watch and felt the need to chime in, because i really enjoyed DD back in the day and would snatch a remastered version from digital distribution in a heartbeat. That said, i hope the digital distribution service in question is GOG or alternatively Steam because most others suck really bad in my experience.
As for what should be changed in the code, i would say:
1. Add higher resolutions
2. Improve compatibility
3. Release SDK
I am not saying that known bugs and balance issues should not be looked into. I am saying, that if you give fans the SDK, these will be non-issues pretty fast. These days many great oldschool RPG-s like Arcanum, Fallouts, Baldur's Gate games, Planescape Torment etc. see fixpacks and unofficial patches, but SDK or at least a reasonably moddable engine is a strong requirement. DD has neither so far.