Actually, one last thing: I just rewatched the final video. Here is the important dialogue:

Damian: Ich habe unaufhrlich darum gekmpft, dich dem Tode zu entreien. Und nun bist du hier, lebendig und frei, ohne meine Hilfe! Wie nur?
Ygerna: Ich habe einen Lakei ausgebildet. Das kleine Tier hat sich als ungemein treue Seele herausgestellt. Aber das erzhl ich dir spter.

Damian: I fought incessantly to rescue you from death. And now you are here, alive and free, without my help! How?
Ygerna: I trained a henchman. The little animal turned out to be an incredibly loyal soul. But I'll tell you about that later.

Both Damian's voice and his dialogue clearly express a great deal of surprise at Ygerna being back, and also specifically state that he doesn't know how it happened.

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