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Actually, one last thing: I just rewatched the final video. Here is the important dialogue:
Damian: Ich habe unaufhrlich darum gekmpft, dich dem Tode zu entreien. Und nun bist du hier, lebendig und frei, ohne meine Hilfe! Wie nur?
Ygerna: Ich habe einen Lakei ausgebildet. Das kleine Tier hat sich als ungemein treue Seele herausgestellt. Aber das erzhl ich dir spter.

Damian: I fought incessantly to rescue you from death. And now you are here, alive and free, without my help! How?
Ygerna: I trained a henchman. The little animal turned out to be an incredibly loyal soul. But I'll tell you about that later.
Both Damian's voice and his dialogue clearly express a great deal of surprise at Ygerna being back, and also specifically state that he doesn't know how it happened.

If you didn't notice - I posted a quote from the game too, just few posts ago:
What he didn't know? He didn't know that he wants to resurrect Ygerna? He didn't know that he asked the "old lizard" (as he calls the Patriarch) to open Hall of Echoes for him? What else he didn't know, tell me.

Here is the original quotes from the end scene with Divine One:
No, Dragon Knight, Ygrena's life is Damian's invincibility as I learned from my accursed son himself. THEY HAVE BEEN QUESTING FOR THE SAME OUTCOME FROM WITHIN THE HALL OF ECHOES AND FROM WITHOUT.
Ygrena was the first to triumph.
(But ofc, you're still saying he didn't know about that too - fine, you won, lol)

I don't need to waste my time defending them from someone who is incapable of understanding them or the game they refer to, either willfully or due to a lack of language skills.

Okay. Let's stop here due to my language skills. You won.