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This is an absurd discussion, and I will not continue it. I'm glad the reviews were interesting and helpful to others; I don't need to waste my time defending them from someone who is incapable of understanding them or the game they refer to, either willfully or due to a lack of language skills.

Dont let the trolls get to you, man. All forums of all games are filled with all kind of people, a lot of them can't realy grasp the idea that they might be wrong or there could be a lot of tones of grey besides black and white.

I for one liked your review a lot. Its good to have a proper balance between major review sites and more individual and personal reviews like yours (and your wife). Its up to the reader to filter what information we need to fill the blanks in our expectations.

Thanks again for the reviews and your work on them btw.

Thanks for the kind words, and you're absolutely right. This kind of thing is the reason I usually don't hang around forums; I take what I do seriously, and tend to try to defend my point of view in situations when it's really just a waste of time. I should put a sticker above my screen that says "Don't feed the trolls!"

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