I would like:

- the ending part of the game to be revamped.

Now, Josephine's fight was very cool yet extremely tough and tough but I'd wished we'd a bit more warning in advance. In particular, I wouldn't mind if the lair of the Black Ring was more tough and more cunning with more traps in-waiting and much more cruel foes. I mean, it's their headquarters after all! In particular, that "part" felt too easy and I was even able to resurrect and enslave all the Black Ring members I'd killed, to fight against their former compatriots. (Serves them right for crossing my path! :D)

- better tinkering with certain spells
The "desert" part felt very empty and boring. Many of the later DemiGod spells also could do with more tinkering so they'd be more useful.

If Larian is aiming for a higher level of enhancements:

- a bit more background for the Black Ring members
I've never liked characters being "evil" just because they "looked evil/were supposed to be evil". Instead: why did they choose to follow this way of life/personal principles that brought them into conflict with Zandalor and the others? Or something else? It could be something as simple as total allegiance to one's rescuer, forced enslavement or even something else.

Same for some of the other "good characters". Why did they choose to save the people? Was it 'cos they were tired of endless blood and violence?

- rewriting of some of the dialogues?
Some of the dialogues had a lot of punctuation, grammar and other linguistic errors. In particular, I'm hoping for a better level of fluency.

- better voice-acting?
Meh... I doubt this will be redone but if this is ever touched upon, well... I hope that the voice-acting is better this time round.

What I wouldn't like:

- please, no remaking it into full 3d? I think there is a need to preserve the original charm of the game. Besides, it was utterly beautiful and I felt like I was in some awesome gorgeous world with colours. Not that full 3d is bad but I think the original game experience of the "Sword of Lies" needs to be preserved. wink