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Saw the linked post on RPG watch and felt the need to chime in, because i really enjoyed DD back in the day and would snatch a remastered version from digital distribution in a heartbeat. That said, i hope the digital distribution service in question is GOG or alternatively Steam because most others suck really bad in my experience.
As for what should be changed in the code, i would say:
1. Add higher resolutions
2. Improve compatibility
3. Release SDK
I am not saying that known bugs and balance issues should not be looked into. I am saying, that if you give fans the SDK, these will be non-issues pretty fast. These days many great oldschool RPG-s like Arcanum, Fallouts, Baldur's Gate games, Planescape Torment etc. see fixpacks and unofficial patches, but SDK or at least a reasonably moddable engine is a strong requirement. DD has neither so far.

I changed my mind and completely agree with this post. With the SDK, there will be fans willing and able to fix and modify this game themselves for the good of all.