weight bug and disappearing chests (broken links are fixed in a reply, and the screenshot links re-fixed in another)

Is the camera view 'zoomable'? In Beyond Divinity I couldn't play above 1152x864 because the text size started to get a tad small in higher resolutions. For DD opening the automap would rarely cause a crash in 1152x864 (rare enough I would forget to save first), so I stuck with the maximum supported resolution.

While the Demon of Lies is too easy, I didn't find Josephine that difficult (especially in the wastelands).

There are a couple different spell books that can teach either of a pair of spells.
spellbook heaven's blessing doesn't work / How to recognize spell book ?.

There are several sets of connected containers in the game, not just in the merchant's guild, so I assume that was a shortcut rather than a bug.

Several people have had crashes when getting back their inventory after it is removed (dwarven throne room and bar fight). If they have a recent save usually reloading and dropping excess loot somewhere first avoids the problem, but a couple elected to simply bypass the dwarven guards by killing them with Poison Cloud. If Poison Cloud is 'fixed', then the inventory return procedure should be looked at (if it hasn't already).

Speaking of which, it would be nice if when the inventory is returned, everything went back where it was originally, and if opening the chest in Iona's dungeon replaced everything at once. This isn't a big deal, but if it is an easy change it would save a bit of annoyance for people carrying a lot of loot.

I don't know if this is a bug or a bonus, but with one level in Sword Expertise or Augment Damage (the starting skills for the male warrior), if you save the game and reload you will have level 2 of these skills. This works for other class and gender combinations, as well, but they have to put the first skill point in each skill themselves.

Some people have had trouble getting the password out of the dwarven mayor, though that isn't a big deal as fighting the guardian in the mines is easy and gives more experience than using the password. However, with the dragon breastplate a few people have had trouble getting Grisha to upgrade it, or had trouble getting the quest started with Sir Patrick (generally, talking to the king, Grisha and/or Sir Patrick again several times would be enough to trigger the speech option to continue).

When mixing passive sight bonus skills and equipment skill bonuses, there can be problems with the sight range calculation when the combined skill level is (IIRC) 4 or higher.
A couple recent examples: Dwarven Halls black fog problem.

I don't know how much time there is to look into rarer bugs, but:

Hostile traps / summoned / resurrected creatures


For the person in the GOG topic who avoided Beyond Divinity due to Starforce, the latest (English) patch removes it (don't know what kind of copy protecting the digital download version uses).

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