This sounds really good; my only real complaints with the current game are the graphics (hard to spot items at times due to the way images are textured (I have the same complaint with bg2)). There were some other minor issues; at time it would be nice to slow/speed up combat (but i think this game had that option); and if you add more screen sizes it would be nice if the font size is independent of resolution. Could set text size and resolution independently; but I'm not sure how you all implemented it and it seems like a lot to ask if it takes a big effort.

The one full play I did was on warrior and it seemed not too hard; I started a mage about 2 months ago (and then moved; and put it down). Was going to pick it up but if you are going to redo the graphics (which is my one real complaint with the game); I'd just assume as wait and play when you're done.

Is this a multi-year project or will it be out soon ?