Is it possible that your machine does not have enough memory (i.e, does the disk light go on when it freeze ) ?

if this is the case it is using virtual memory. Btw the game never froze on me and I had an early version from way back - my biggest complaint back then and now were with the graphics. Most of the other issues are just minor tweaks.

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Oh and forgot to mention this: given that the game is prone to all sorts of freezing and crashing at times

? I don't remember that behaviour ... At least not when I was playing it, on my Win98SE machine ...

Well for some reason... the game does that sometimes on my P4 3.2 ghz machine. It's a random effect, too.

Oh and "Embrace shadows" seems to have some problems. Sometimes when I use it, my character disappears and I can't even see him even after I move into areas with light. And yes, the enemies can see him too.

And ah right, I wish this game was better at protecting quest items.