Come on now, "remastered version" is just a fancy name for the game being updated. 99% of the devs out there distribute update patches for free to their customers, regardless of them being a big company or not. Go look at the game "Scratches", which is very indie. They took the time to release an entire texture overhaul update and still support the game to this day despite being a small company.

You cannot use resources as an excuse, as Larian had the means to make a new version period. You also cannot blame bandwidth either considering they could just upload it to a site like filefront for download. Couldn't they simply use the code used for making this new version, and compile it to an .exe for us to use as an update?

I'm not trying to be rude here, but I'm rather annoyed by this. Why should I have to purchase the same game twice just to get proper widescreen support and some bug fixes? I also do not use download services as I like to own boxed copies of games and not rely on something online.