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Uh, now you are argueing over an amount of less than 10 Euros ?


You must be in REAL financial troubles if you can't even afford a game costing less then 10 Euros !!!

You're completely missing the point here. This is the same as charging customers for an update patch. Can you honestly imagine if every game did this? Though Divinity is far from broken, this almost reminds me of the whole "Dungeon Lords" debacle and them releasing a special collector's edition which was essentially an updated version with fixes.

Again, for the last time; why should I have to buy Divinity twice, regardless of price, just for an update to finally get proper widescreen support? Seems rather cheap and unfair to me.

Divinity is a 7 (?) year old game that wasnt touched for a longgggg time. Do you realy think a company will give support for a product for 7+ years? Not even the giant Microsoft gives support for older windows versions (windows XP will follow soon).

D1 is the same. They decided to release an updated version for people who are curious about a previous work the company did, and they did it at a very low price, its not that the original product ceased to work completely, they just wanted to re-release it again in a diferent channel.

You honestly cannot ask for a company to give support for a product forever. Look at antivirus that have 1-2 years payed updates for example.

What you are saying makes no sense. You are saying "listen, i bought a 7 year old stuff and i want it upgraded now for free because i'm entitled forever for updates ". Yes, you payed for the product at that time, and it worked.

Dont wanna be pushy in my speach here, but i'm quite baffled as to why people are arguing about € 10,00 on a game that is 7 years old and its not even obligatory to have in order to play, its not like your product "broke" or something and you want to activate the garentee...