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Divinity is a 7 (?) year old game that wasnt touched for a longgggg time. Do you realy think a company will give support for a product for 7+ years? Not even the giant Microsoft gives support for older windows versions (windows XP will follow soon).

Plenty of devs still support older games, read my previous examples. Better yet, here:


What you are saying makes no sense. You are saying "listen, i bought a 7 year old stuff and i want it upgraded now for free because i'm entitled forever for updates ". Yes, you payed for the product at that time, and it worked.

I made perfect sense. Patches and game updates should always be free, and this remastered edition is basically a patched version. Expansion packs and DLC are what should have price tags. Anyway, why drag it up again? One of the Larian people posted since then explaining lack of resources and I figured this was over. Move along and don't drag things back up please.