I purchased the game when it first came out and the one thing that annoyed me were the graphics. I often found that I missed hidden things due to the graphics. Having played bg 2, ice wind dale and other games of similar rendering; this was not an issue. Sure it would be nice if they were improved but functionally they did not interfere with play as it does for DD. I had sort of hoped that when the game was 'remastered' there would be an improvement in this area and was a bit confused by the gog release as to whether it was the full remastered version or a stop-gap addressing other issues.
Note that bg 2 (unlike bg) had a key to high-light objects (bg I had a problem similar to DD). ice wind dale the graphics were improve somewhat and this was not an issue (I don't remember if it had a similar key because I didn't need to use it in that game).
Please don't equate 'improve graphics' with modern 10 zillion polygons graphics as your post insultingly implies.

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So this is not the remastered version ?

Why are you so much hanging on to "improved graphics" ? Do you think you can't live without great graphics in games ?