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Uh, now you are argueing over an amount of less than 10 Euros ?


You must be in REAL financial troubles if you can't even afford a game costing less then 10 Euros !!!

I'm sorry I have to remark out loud that your post was a very stupid thing to say to people. How the heck can you judge people based on some money criteria? The game is not meant to be sold only in the European Union and so if somebody from a country with a very disadvantaging currency parity made a huge effort to buy the game, then it would be another huge effort to buy it again. You really needed to have this explained to you like little children?

I'm generally lazy and therefore I will just fully acknowledge Smicallion's thoughts on this matter, after I have read through this thread from beginning to end. Developers fixing their own software should obviously release the fixes for free. I also love DD but I'm more realistic about it and thinking about this matter ethically (no matter the amount it's gonna cost, the fact is, it costs us *something* for their own mistakes).