I just finished DA:O (which was very good) and thought I would try this game.
After all I loved Divine Divinity when it was released.

But I am very disappointed after playing for 6 hours.
My reasons:

*Where is the fog of war? I don't want to enter a dungeon and see the whole map. Nor do I want to see the whole area map. Without a fog of war it is too difficult to know where you have and havent been.
*Merchants are not shown on any map.
*When you are in combat mode and paused you cannot rotate the camera. How am I supposed to setup my next attack without knowing what is behind me?
*No option to highlight all the openable chests in a room. You have to mouse over everything. That is just boring.
*Twice I have jumped off some stairs into a corner and have not been able to get out. Only choice was to load a previous save.
*one time in a dungeon I accidentally hit a pot that rolled into the middle of the passageway. I could not break it or jump over it. Once again I had to load an old save.
*It is frustrating to explore in this game. Small items on the floor (such as a tea cup) can stop you from walking. In fact you cannot even jump over them. Your have to take two steps sideways to go around it.
*No enemies show up on the mini map.
*The mini map doesn't show blocked paths in dungeons. They appear as being unblocked.
*Only 8 hotkeys for items and skills
*The npc's talk as though they are constantly avoiding being hit by kamikaze mosquitoes, waving their hands around and constantly ducking. Gets irritating after the first 5 minutes and doesn't help to immerse you into the game.
*The quest system is lacking on destination points. While some quests will show you where to go to progress, the majority do not. Admittedly DA:O also suffered from this though to a lesser degree. I just find the lack of quest destination points very frustrating.
*I find the camera a real horror to use. Your zoom depends on the angle you are from your avatar. You cannot zoom out from just any angle. Perhaps I am more used to an isometric option in the camera control so I guess that's more of a personal preference.

So there you go. I am not impressed with Ego Draconis and those were some of my reasons.
I will give the game a bit more playing time because I want my moneys worth.
But I think that Larian got this one wrong.