Well, this is "just" a personal opinion, no need to make a new topic for that, you might have posted it in the other topic that is already there (better than DOA, or another, I'm sure there 's more).

I am playing being harassed by the loading bug on certain occasions, and still I very much love the game, eventhough my gpu's are cooking sometimes and my cpu can barely handle it also ^^.

Looks to me you are more for a game that plays for you instead of you playing the game. I'm happy I actually have to remember some stuff myself instead of just clicking in some history shizzles n stuff(there is a history but don't think it remembers more than x amount of convo). And remember where I went. Also portals and doors and other important enough stuff is displayed on your map/minimap, use markers to help you if you have memory issues.
And to me the small quest descriptions were always enough to know where to go, sometimes it requires a bit exploring but hey, this is an rpg, right?
Actually I more like to see where I can go than just where I already have been, in DD first I did was clear the map of fog, where I could (and kill everything I encountered).

Never used camera rotation during pause, might make it easier but you can target everything visible (and close enough), also what is behind you and visible. Else just go out of pause for a bit and rotate.
Might be there is an option to rotate camera in pause, but I don't rly care. I try to use pause as little as possible anyway.

Never had issues with jumping over pots and candles and... might be a bug => report? There are a million things that can go wrong in a game, no game is bug free, especially not free open games where you can smash things n move things around and jump and fly around...

Imho you just want it all way too easy, and are bitching about stuff you can bitch about in any game. Watch a fantasy movie? smile

If you are impatient on looting, just start smashing everything possible then, it's fun ^^. Everything that is not smashable (can't smash with a bow though :o, exploding arrows perhaps, think I've seen it happen with enemy) you can see if you opened it already or not...

Also, you can get stuck in any game... only had it once (was smart enough to swim inside a ship wreck, lf quest gem!), but I used dragon teleport and then another teleport to get out. Sometimes the game starts loading if you are stuck and puts you on a free spot you were before (although that causes my game to have infinite loading, only had it twice luckily, and wasn't rly stuck, just trying to get through some narrow thingie xd)

Also never noticed anything irritating about the npc's, only funny things.

For the rest, red dots show up on your radar/minimap when enemies come/are in the vicinity, same for friendly npc in green (might turn red after cinematic/convo though ^^).

BTW, this was basically the same for DD... no? Can't remember any npc marked on map in DD :o.
Naja, playing DD teached me how to play rpg like this, use markers on map well, and explore, and save often, hehe.
The game is made like this for a reason, it's not a neglect or glitch, if you don't like it, your opinion. Strange though you liked DD then o0.

The only thing I concur is the minimap/map could use some more detail regarding blocked/unblocked. But that is only a minor issue, and it probably is just a personal opinion, not gameplay neccesity/huge game experience improvement/bug.

And as last, if you rly need more than 8 stuff to fight, there is always pause => press i for inventory => use pots, all that can come together at once. To play most efficiently you pause the game anyway swapping gear at start of the battle. Can't imagine you use more than 8 different skills o0, all the rest is doable with pause => open interface(i), or even pause=>click the available skill button.

PS. it's awesome playing a dragon ^^.

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