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So there you go. I am not impressed with Ego Draconis and those were some of my reasons.

Thank you, oh thank you for telling us!

Just one question: why don't post it there instead of making another junk thread? Why do you guys loves a dump-like forums so much?

In answer to your question, I didn't see that thread.......I'm so very, very sorry.
At least you were quite polite in thanking, thanking me.

And I wasn't dumping anything.
I was sharing my disappointment and trying to offer some constructive criticism.
But you go and have a nice day anyway.

Thanks to the others that responded in a more positive way.
I will try again to see if my mini map shows enemies as red dots.
Strange that you guys don't seem to have the problem with objects getting in your way like I do.
I'll give the game a bit more of a try before shelving it.
Thanks again for your feedback.