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I will try again to see if my mini map shows enemies as red dots.
Strange that you guys don't seem to have the problem with objects getting in your way like I do.
I'll give the game a bit more of a try before shelving it.
Thanks again for your feedback.

A very good idea: give this game more time, explore things! wink
But when NPC's, camera, minimap and so on irritate you whole the time? In that case: stop playing and give the game to a friend or something and play another game you like more smile .

Al the things you wrote ... personally I do not agree! But I play on xbox and my game plays very smooth ! Only 1 bug to the end of Farglow, that's all. And when a basket or crate or something stay in my way? I jumped over it wink. I'm now LEVEL 19 hero and played at least 50 hours, really, I Love this game very much !!!
I find DD also very lovely, but D II at least as much !!

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !