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Hehe...that's probably my problem.
At my age the old memory just ain't what it used to be. ouch

Euhhmmm... maybe it's a nice thing to do: write down on paper (or whatever) by yourself some thing to remember wink I use many paper lol ... but I have a visual memory!
By writing things on paper .. it come also in my memory, but I also can read all over again what I write down ...

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But now that I have just gotten myself a minion, things have taken a turn for the better regarding combat. I can now actually kill some enemies without gulping down 10 potions grin

Yes, with a little investigation in how to go stronger per better gear or skills or ...
I have killed L18 enemies in Orobas Fjords when I was L13 and I needed potions, but not more that 2 or 3 (limited healing) on one enemie wink. If I need to many potions, I go first search for other enemies or another strategy wink

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