Most of your arguments seem to be with you being lazy o.O Lazy is not the word I'm after but you'll understand what I mean from the next phrase wink
If you actually read the manual then it clearly says that it wasn't their intention to show you the way and hold your hand all the way through. And imo... that's a good thing. It's a totally different experience for me to remember everything you've seen and heard.
Like one quest said I needed to go to a chapel, I was like WTF? Which chapel, why isn't it marked on the map, etc...

Most of your arguments are about easy of use and not really about the core game, I find it odd that they bother you that much. Yes it would be nice if some of your points were actually true for this game but it's totally unnecessary imo, not really gamebreaking at all.

Not bashing you or anything, I know some games that got those things incorporated but I really don't find them neccessary for this game. Try to get over it, maybe (like me) you'll begin to appreciate that this game is different and makes you act more like in the real world (remember places n stuff, where you've been... especially NO fog of war!)

And... I found the game quite bland the first few hours, but it started to get better and better, even the music got better xD

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