@ Chimeray

As you yourself said "I found the game quite bland the first few hours"
My original post was after 6 hours.

However as you no doubt have read in my last post, I am starting to warm to the game.
I am really, as you say...... trying to get over it.

And what bothers me may indeed seem odd to you.
That's usually the way of all the people in the world....we are just different.

Some people don't like anchovies...I happen to love them. wink

You appreciate not being shown where quest locations are and not having a fog of war.
I however don't. I like a game that doesn't frustrate me. This one does at times.
Its a personal opinion. That's all. smile

I have had my many years of writing down clues and drawing out maps on graph paper with old pc games.....yes I guess you could say that now I am lazy.
I just prefer that the game does that stuff for me these days.
oh....and thanks for not bashing me....I hope you realise that I'm not bashing you either. smile