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Divinity 2 is, despite its flaws, something different. I'm happy with that!

And I do agree with that. It is indeed different from what I am used to.
I guess that is why I was negative about the game to start with.
But the more I play, the more I am accepting how the game plays.

Hopefully the game lends itself to be played through more than once.....because already I would like to change a lot of build choices I have made with this character.

And now knowing what areas have much higher level enemies will make the next play through a lot less frustrating. wink

You can remove the skillpoints in skills at a certain point in the game (won't spoil it for you), it comes at a cost 5000... But that shouldn't really be of much concern at that point. Just in case you wanna change your build in this playthrough and the one after wink
Also... You might wanna look into Magic Blast, it's overpowered as hell xD