i played the xbox version so i didnt have many problems with stuff getting in my way or little crashes that mean you have to reload
i agree the having to find your way for every quest and guess your way through evrything was a bit tedious but it meant that you had to explore EVERYWHERE. This for a patient gamer is heaven because you get so much for your money, i personally am not a patient gamer.
I think what the developers were trying to do is pick out the best bits from oblivion and fable and fuse them together with a big ass dragon, it wasnt bad, i enjoyed the gameplay once i got into it and i loved the magic and stuff
but i have one major complaint
the ending was SHIT.
randomly you get betrayed and frozen and the bad guys almost win excetera, and i wouldnt mind that, if you get a chance to go back and bitch them all for it and hand out some serious dragon kung fu fire mojo. but no. thats the end. bad guys win and the world ends.
thoroughly unimpressed.
even worse than the fable 2 ending.

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