I must quote stubbie for most of the point. The game really lack in base gameplay.

I also found these points that make the game experience frustrating:

-Jump is inaccurate and the distances between the points of jumps are ill defined. Often you find yourself having to "plod" to climb on points and ledges that allow access to keys, books and other items.

-Combat animations are unrealistic, jerky and often lead to missing the target in close combat, forcing the player to choose a class specialized in ranged combat.

-Mind read is a very good feature, adds an innovative RPG touch to the game, but it is completely unbalanced if related to experience cost.

-The game run smoothly, but the graphics of the objects in the distance becomes cheap:
creatures that move like zombie, walking as if they had wooden limbs, or wizards who cast spells that "vanish" after a few seconds and then reappear in front of the character.

-Considered the system requirements and the percentage of processor busy, it's expected a more fluid and realistic scenery.

-Talk to the NPC is sometimes annoying, because you always need to click "continue" after the last sentence, and you cannot do it using spacebar.

-Text in dialog is too small if you use a high resolution.
This also leads to a graphic effect that is unpleasant, because the text box remains empty and takes up almost half of the screen.

Finally, a note for the forum's Mods:
about the "eternal load" problem, writing "please contact the boys to SecuROM if the game has problems with loading" is like saying to the player "if your game is not working, it is not our problem, just bothers elsewhere...".
Obviously this approach greatly annoys those who buy the game and expects a product nice and functional; i understand that cd-check is not your doing, but... i see a lot of user with this problem, the least you could do is provide a patch or a formal answer, certainly not put off your users on third-party sites.

Please think about it smile

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