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I also found these points that make the game experience frustrating:

Saying "please contact the boys to SecuROM if the game has problems with loading" is not like "go bother someone else" at all. They have every right to say it. What you are saying is like expecting Microsoft to patch windows for a certain game, while the true fault is the game who needs the fix and not the whole system. (Here, the whole system is D2, the "game" is the SecuROM").

- True. Most of the time its cool and fun, but it can be a bit frustrating in platforming section (makes me think of DMC3), however, they are short, you can save whenever you want, and personalty I never failed those moments more then a few times they aren't very hard. Jumping on stuff to reach keys and stuff like that is kinda dumb thou.

- I agree with this one. But it was never a game breaker. I enjoy D2 combat as a meele just as any other type, very enjoy it. Animations tend to be jerky, but I never missed my targets much, and the animations them self are pretty cool in my opinion. However, the next patch is supposed to fix this.

- NOT AT ALL. Almost every RPG has this system. The concept of it is "trade goods\ gold for exp or exp for goods and gold. You can see it in many rpgs, and this is part of the balancing. Its very strong in D2 since it also comes to rewards and not only mind reading, and even skills like Wisdom. A bit to strong, but it balances itself and lets you play the way you like.

- I actually never saw that... Maybe you have something wrong with draw distance? Can you give any specific time it happens to you?

- If there was one thing I loved in D2 is the world. It wasn't as deatield and as pretty as Risen, but much prettier and fun to look at than Oblivion, the poor auto generated world, or Dragon age, the room world.

- I actually liked it. Its annoying that you cant use the keyboard to continue, but its not like they speak for eternity. Besides it can let me pause whenever I want. Many times I find myself in a middle of a conversation\ cut scene when something happens, and either a lot of noise starts or I need to go. In dragon age it will mean missing quite a lot of text, here, I just finish hearing one sentence and I can go.

- I also didn't find D2 interface to be very pretty especially in high resolutions, but I didn't have any problem with seeing the text. But the 360 interface looks much better, the PC one is low res and looks cheap overall. Still, I never had a problem with this its like this in many good games.

If I were you I would be waiting for the patch. Its going to have a new targeting system, better hit detection (thats how I call "enemies will get hit if they stand in the arc), and an improvement to the character animaitions will be much smoother, the hero should move faster and not "jerky and laggy" like now. Theres more but I don't remember...

I also hope they will tune the settings and fix the stuttering and little annoying freezes that occur from time to time, and the arrows thing... But all your points are overall correct, just not as bad as you make them look like (thou the OP seems to be really picking the smallest things I never though of)... There are actually many little annoying things in D2 but none of them is game breaking, I'm surprised none of you really mentioned them, it seems like you haven't spent enough time in the game.

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