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(thou the OP seems to be really picking the smallest things I never though of)... it seems like you haven't spent enough time in the game.

The OP...me....has made another post since my original in this thread. In that post I mentioned that some of my gripes were oversights on my part and some are no longer as annoying as they were.
I also mentioned that my impressions were initially after only 6 hours of gaming.

I have played the game a heck of a lot longer and my opinion has again changed. Rather than make another supplementary post I will just add the following until I complete the game (if I can actually force myself to do that).

Until I entered the Orabas Fjords I was beginning to really love the game.
However now I find that the lack of direction that the main quest gives, leaves me with nothing but despair.
The force fields and barriers are simply frustrating. You are given little if nothing in regards to guidance on what you are supposed to do or where to go to get pass these barriers.
And even if you are lucky enough to work out how to lower the barriers (or ask for help as I had to) all you find is that there is yet another set of barriers you have to try and get through.

While many people here praise the lack of specific directions in this game I find that to be the most negative part of the game for me.