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Saying "please contact the boys to SecuROM if the game has problems with loading" is not like "go bother someone else" at all. They have every right to say it. What you are saying is like expecting Microsoft to patch windows for a certain game, while the true fault is the game who needs the fix and not the whole system. (Here, the whole system is D2, the "game" is the SecuROM").

What i'm saying is that when you buy a game, you expect it work.
If they want to protect theyr game it's ok, if the game protection (or whatever) damage the legitimate customer, then is not ok.
You make customer angry this way, because seem you really don't care after you got the money from them.

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If I were you I would be waiting for the patch. Its going to have a new targeting system, better hit detection (thats how I call "enemies will get hit if they stand in the arc), and an improvement to the character animaitions will be much smoother, the hero should move faster and not "jerky and laggy" like now. Theres more but I don't remember...

You just seem to not understand the point, do you? smile
I can wait a patch, yes...

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I also hope they will tune the settings and fix the stuttering and little annoying freezes that occur from time to time, and the arrows thing... But all your points are overall correct, just not as bad as you make them look like

So you're saying the game is not working as intended, but this don't frustrate you enough.
My point, on other hand, is: the game is not working as intended, it's frustrating and i paid for it.
Should i have know..... well, Got It Now? smile

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