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The developers make it quite clear they had no intention of holding your hand in the manual, though they are addressing this in the next patch from what I've read.

That is just wonderful......you buy the game, and only then get to read the manual that says "and we on purpose made a game that doesn’t hold the players hand all the time.". How is that supposed to justify things? Most rpg's have sophisticated quest systems these days. The days of needing graph paper and keeping hand written notes are in the main thankfully gone. Hello......that is the current standard and is what is reasonably expected.

And I am not saying that I want the game to "hold my hand".
That makes me sound like a 5 year old child.
I am simply saying that there is no direction at all with some quests. Not even a general hint like... look in the north eastern section of the map. Just a journal entry like....find the quest item somewhere.

As I said previously, some people will appreciate this vagueness in the quest locations...I do not, to point of it ruining the game for me out of pure frustration.

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