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What i'm saying is that when you buy a game, you expect it work.
If they want to protect theyr game it's ok, if the game protection (or whatever) damage the legitimate customer, then is not ok.
You make customer angry this way, because seem you really don't care after you got the money from them.

But the game does work. The fact that there is a problem with a the protection system, probably and most likely implanted by the publishers (and not the creators of the game), that causes problems with the game working for certain ppl, is quite normal. Very normal actually, there is no game that comes out perfect. Things of this kind cannot be foreseen until the game is released. Every game, even those with very little bug problems, might be having tons of tech problems of this kind. The Witcher crushes, or Mass Effects blue screens are excellent examples. Unless the creators of D2 created this system, they really can't do anything about it other then pass it on to the creators of the system. The publishers however might be the ones you want to blame, usually they are the ones responsible for implementing such systems.

This is a big issue that needs to be fixed, I agree, but I disagree with how you blame the creators of D2 for that without considering those facts. This is concerning only the securoom thing, in game bugs are a different issue (you didn't talk about it in this post so ill wait for your replay...)
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So you're saying the game is not working as intended, but this don't frustrate you enough.
My point, on other hand, is: the game is not working as intended, it's frustrating and i paid for it.

No. I'm saying that I've always known how this game would come out with tons of bugs, but I didn't care beacouse none of them frustrated me even a little bit, and I knew what to expect, thanks to reviews, demos, and the likes. The only reason I couldn't wait for the patch which I've learned about, was my curiosity. I'm not having any frustration with my purchase and I'm very satisfied with it. All I'm saying other than that I'm sorry that your not happy with yours, is that you shouldn't jump on the devs so lightly. Thou again, the op is the one who seems to really take it hard, so this content its not intended completely to you...
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Should i have know..... well, Got It Now? smile

But you should have known. There are demos, forums, reviews, everything you need to know can be easily found. Moreover, the creators of D2 always said that they intend to improve the game further and bring it to its "complete" state in the last resale. This means that everyone who read about it knew how its going to be, very buggy, and like most rpgs, after a few months will get a patch that will make the game as good as it can be. True, releasing the game before its complete is quite a dirty trick, and not very healthy as well, but I'm sure the devs know what they are doing. The reason why it isn't to much of an issue is beacouse you are given the information you need about it. The devs them selfs talked about how they're planing to release the "ultimate" patch at the final release date (USA one) to bring the game to how it should be, and probably, even better.