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This is a big issue that needs to be fixed, I agree, but I disagree with how you blame the creators of D2 for that without considering those facts. This is concerning only the securoom thing, in game bugs are a different issue (you didn't talk about it in this post so ill wait for your replay...)

Whatever protection you agree to put into your game is your responsability.
Also, whoever pirate a game didn't get that protection, so make 2+2 and see if it does 4 or maybe 5 smile

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But you should have known. Moreover, the creators of D2 always said that they intend to improve the game further and bring it to its "complete" state in the last resale.

Indeed, i should have know i was buyng a beta...
Please be kind and link me the exact line/forum/review where this is say by the creators before the EU relase.

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Please give an example of a game released nowadays without bugs.

A bug is a thing, a completely mess in gameplay and a problem that prevent you to play at all is another.
Man i'm using a cracked .exe file to play because there are no solution anywhere and i'm a legitimate user! Or maybe you want to suggest me not to play at all?
I'm not even certain if this is a protection problem or a bug, considering how many people call it out.
If you call this a "bug"... this is a beta version needed to be testet, not a "bug" :|

I was playng from 2 day long now, and my impression is this game got much in common with the "Gothic style of play" that i hate; mean you get a bad control over character, very bad secondary quest tracing and no point of interest at all on the map.
Someone called out a confrontation betwen Dragon Age and Divinity 2... after hours of frustration i think is like to comfrontate an eagle against a mosquito.
Anyway, i should have stopped playng and posting here some time ago, i doesn't make sense at all talking about oblivious thing with people who dont want to see it smile

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