Hi everybody, I am new here. smile

Here is the thing: installed BD on my new Windows7 machine; I *think* I followed the procedure of installing the game, NOT rebooting, deleting the "StarForce Installation" files, running the patch. So I should have no traces of StarForce in my system...

However -- Event Viewer accuses an error:
"\SystemRoot\SysWow64\drivers\prodrv06.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver."

I checked this, and prodrv06.sys seems to be a StarForce related file. So I guess some of it got into my system, huh? Can you guys confirm that in your systems?

Note: I just reformatted my HD 2 days ago, and BD was the first game installed, so SF did not come from anywhere else, AFAIK.

Now, I do not want to cause an uproar -- I am very happy that Larian tried to make this patch available to remove the SF protection, it was a good move to compensate for a very very bad one (of including SF in the first place). But, if I am correct, someone should add instructions to remove these files from the system in that list of instructions way further above (by Lady Rain -- thanks you for that, it was helpful!), no?

Thanks a bunch!

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