I'm sorry but I didnt read all the previous posts.

So this may or may not be relevant.

I have the original Divine Divinity on cd.
By doing a simple hack to the config.div file that I posted about here you can run the game in widescreen.
There is a problem with the marker flags though.

I think that it would be nice if Larian released a small patch to fix that problem so people like me that have already bought the game could then play the game again in widescreen.

But I realise there would be no money to be made by them doing that so I guess that's why I had no response to that thread.

So I suppose that if Larian does need to re-release the game though digital download then all I ask is that the game be suitable for widescreen (1680x1050) and be pretty cheap.

Because the game, as it is now, is about 90% suitable for widescreen perhaps they could just release an addon for a couple of bucks to make the original suitable and charge a bit more for a complete download. smile