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Limited respawns could come in handy to level or grind for loot, if it was restricted to a certain location or along the borders of cleared areas, etc. Generally speaking, though, I don't want to have to kill the same opponents over and over again.

an old topic discussing respawning : One small question about enemies

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I read all the posts in the link you posted and the people who posted there are entitled to their opinion and i am entitled to mine. So.... in my opinion this game is catered to to casual players
who will only play for maybe an hour a day witch is not a bad thing. But for more hardcore players this game is a bust. Becasue you can not keep grinding untill you reach max level this game HAS A FORCED END. once you've killed every thing thats it... This game cannot be called a RPG. A real RPG lets you keep playing untill you want to stop this one forces you. I wont my money back.....