In my opinion, Larian should have implemented respawning enemies. For the people who don't like fighting enemies that you already defeated use shrines or just run. As long as you run away and dont run straight melee and magic won't hit you. Ranged attacks might but you could just use a potion/food. But potions & food cost money, well, kill some monsters that you already killed and it will drop something that you could buy a potion or more from. If I would have known that once you beat the game there isn't much to do anymore aside from new game/achievements/finish side quests I would have waited until this was worth 30-40 off of craigslist.

I'm only into Maxos Temple (that ain't very far into the story) but the game lost some value because of this for me. I like fighting enemies over again when I load the game, its not like its going to take a long time. More loot, more gold, more exp, more levels.

Questions: What is the level cap for this game? And what is your estimate on what level your character would be when he/she finished the main quests and any side quests you've done on the way?

I was really looking forward to the game. It looked like a keeper, but the aspect of no respawning enemies will probably make me play it through once or twice and then sell it off of craigslist. The story seems good so far though.