I was enjoying the game up to now. I found it challenging but if I found the going too tough in one particular area I just did something else.

But I've just arrived in the Fjords and I'm stuck. I can't go into the cave under the waterfall because I can't get past those skeletons. I can't get anywhere in the necromancers cave because of the creatures. I can't get down the valley because of all those imps along the beach. What am I supposed to do?

Maybe I've gimped myself with my character choices. I'm level 21 focussing on a fighter/ranger combination. Maybe that's where I've gone wrong. My Vitality is 31, Spirit 6, Strength 30, Dexterity 26 and Intelligence 15. I've only just noticed that some warrior and ranger skills require mana (why is that by the way?) so I haven't been developing my Spirit or Intelligence.

I've made full use of charms and enchanting, fully equipped with mostly green items, maxed out with charms and enchantments. But still I'm getting my ass handed to me at every turn.

So am I just totally stuffed?