hmm lvl 20 and its hard ?? o0 common
few rulez

sword + shield sux
rush atack = 1 point to fast catch archers
dont put points in vit
if ur meale use int/str only
use magic/meale weapons not strict meale
get at last one aoe spell if ur fighter wall of fire works gr8
PUT ATRI points in 2 ATRI only mine end lvl toon got 50 str 50 int 20 vit 20 dex 10 wis r something with all bonuses from items and i end with 600 hp + and 60 meale/magic resists and 30 ranged

summon undead sux on beginign train summon ghost and after u got your tower and u got big enought lvl untrain ghost for demon , your creature as meale sux he got shitty damage, best is with hight lvl fireball invest with hight magic damage arms best are magic + male + hp arms but are rare on end your creature can get 3 k hp and with hight lvl spells he can solo baal lol

the main rule is if something looks to strong propbly it is
the begining on fiords can be hard expecially if u becme dragon on lvl 17 so ur rly underleveled
the solution is to jump down to water and kill this imps on bitch use f key alot to drink potions in that time i used like 30 potions to make myself some lvls dont worry if u got problems with cash buy best gear for your gem hunter an send him for diamonds repeat diamon run like 10 times u got 20 k of gold becouse u can sell it for 200 to this 2 guys in fortress if u dont kill them of course mind read them to got best price after that u can simply buy enought potions to drink them non stop if ur short on cash just reapeat diamond rush . making potions is useless becouse is much faster to just sell diamonds with best gear this gem runer bring 12 dimons a run u can make like 10 runs a minute dependan of how fast is your pc