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Thanks very much for the replies. I've sunk my points into one handed weapon, summon undead, rush attack and one or two ranger skills that work automatically like evade and ranger strength. I'm wondering if I should have learned sword and shield instead, but there shields are just so big and goofy looking.

I made my creature a fighter (don't really want to list all his stats and stuff) and made him with the best pieces I could find so far. I use him and a summoned undead a lot but they're not really much help. They tend to run around not knowning who to attack, and the enemy invariably ignore them and pile on me.

I managed to clear out the first mine you come to. It took about three hours. I'd get through what I assumed was the last group of enemies only to find there's yet another one to go, and another.

Could you just tell me if the game is like this from now on because I'm quitting if it is. It's not my idea of fun.

Thanks again.

Ok i assumed you are more to warrior build in this case. There are total of 4 weapons wielding type, where 1 hand has the worst damage increment even when you max 1 hand mastery to rank 13. Sword and shield will provide you more damage as compare to just 1 hand weapon, 36% vs 76% when both max out, and sword and shield will increase your shield's armor rating. I actually just check the numbers by using some old save to reskill and confirm of the damage increment. So if you decide to go for 1 hand weapon only, then choose sword and shield over just 1 handed mastery. Dual wield and 2 handed weapons will provide you more damage if you decide to pick damage over defense. My suggestion will be to go for dual wield, as you will gain extra stats points through the 2nd weapon, as well as charm slots and enchantment slot.

And regarding your skills, if you decided on warrior path, focus more on warrior skill. You wont need skill like ranger strength if you are not a bow user. When your skills is too scatter, you can hardly deal high damage like this.

As for creature, I havent actually try the fighter type. But when compare to ranger and mage type, I found that mage type is extremely powerful, and I stick to it since I found that out. With creature head that come with high level magic, dragon elf head, my creature can easily 1 hit ko any mob in fjord with magic blast. You can try looking for good mage head and use creature hand that boost magic damage. I sure you will see the difference. As for summons, I didnt use any summons beside demon, which only can be learn at lvl20 if not mistake.

If you feel that you are taking alot damage, you should start altering your gears through your enchanter in battle tower. Try to have all your resistance over 40% and you should be doing fine. Enchant your weapons too if possible to max out damage.

I not sure what you encounter during your dungeon tour, but sometimes its just so because of the story plot. There are still a lot mob waiting ahead for you to slaughter in fjords, as you are consider in the early stage of fjords only. Dont hesitates to use potions, as they are easy to make with your alchemy. I had written down some steps for potion brewing trick before, try dig that up and you wont have much problem with potions anymore.