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there are respawning mobs : on broken valey use the damned device to spawn new enemys after u got wings go to that flng fortress when is ghost kill all mobs and go to doors give bad answer all mobs on this lvl will respawn u can make this till your dont get borred or mobs stop give exp .

imho the not resp mobs are not problem most of modern crpg dont use respawns but hard lvled mobs in d2 sux the whole idea of damage based on your and enemy lvl is stupid becosue by half of game ur underleved even if u make 90% of all quests and kill every single mob and by secodn half of game ur overleveled becouse every mobs are lower lvl than u and they dont do any damage to u

even if u try go to cliffs before u got wings u got no chances to kill anythign thre cuz they are lik 7 lvls over u and they kill u instantly but after u got your wings they are just anyoing rats who hit u for 10 but have alot of hp so u need by 40 minutes kill this retardet creatures jsut to make one quest an is uber borring

I am sorry, I might be extremely retarded, but I don't understand your so-called english.
What is that FLNG fortress? And what do you mean by saying "when is ghost kill all mobs" ?
What is crpg - crap role-playing game? If so, then perhaps I agree you on this point, that Ego Draconis is cRPG, because of this no-respawning system. I'm guessing that sooner or later there will come out a modification that will allow every and each of the game world monsters to respawn, otherwise your leveling is extremely limited. And if you haven't done quests in order, you will most likely run into to groups of enemies that your current level and abilities do not give you even a chance to be victorious, especially in dungeons, where your physical movement is limited. Or, as you already said, you will be fighting monsters that are lower level than yours, and the experience you gain, will be insufficient to level-up in order to enjoy this game.
Also, I would like to make another statement about this game's summoning system. There is a huge hole, or you might even call it a bug, that your summoned creatures do not follow you, especially when you cross a river or climb a ladder. Of course, you might say that they teleport, if they cannot reach you by foot, but that teleporting system is also absolutely bugged, because it rarely works and even if it does, there is a slight chance that your creatures won't always attack your enemies, but just run around and make it more difficult to beat your opponents.

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