sirchronos but divinity 2 got UNBALANCED SKRIMISHES like hell
first : the mid game boss (dragon) he can hit u for 255 damage from bow even if u make 90% of all side quests and kill every mobs ( exccept fjords cuz ther eu simply die from first imp) u still got alot lower lvl than this boss and he still hit u for huuge amount . if ur meale is not real problem cuz u can simply charhe him and in meale his not so hard,but if ur ranger or mage u simply die in first or second arrow and thre i nothing u can rly do with that .
but this is just begining, later situation is diferent every freeking mob is lower lvl than u and they cannot kill u even if ur freeking naked so by last few hours of game u got god mobde ( baal catch 2 fballs and die loool) but wtf last fight is again ultra hard if u like lvl 32 can be imposible. so u can find yourself in situation whee u cannot end game evn if whole echos lvl u end without use of a single potion .
the problem is lack of scaling . the damage is calculated on lvl not on real resits etc each lvl diferences between u and enemy make the hole bigger so even if u got end game gear and all stats like on end game ( using cheats) u will not be able to kill this 2 elites in mine tower when u on lvl 15 simply is imposible cuz u make 1 damage not mather what your stat are .. and this is fucking issue i use trainer to check this out and yep this is exacly truth