Have noticed only a couple bugs, and most of 'em are solvable.

To address what you were worried about in the review:
A) Bad animations? No, I like the way the character runs (if a bit weird), and my character does a flip at the top of ladders and it's neat the way she lands. Very Spider-Man.

B) Buggy has been addressed. I've played buggier.

C) A weak story? I dunno, medieval fantasy characters saving the world again? How is this different from any other fantasy RPG, Dragon Age included?

Don't sweat the review. C-Net/Gamespot likes whoever pays the most for their ads. They called the combat in Risen "troublesome," which it wasn't, and masturbated all over Dragon Age, which was a lot of fun, but I got tired of the zoned off sandbox they let you play in.

My only wish list for Divinity 2 would be a "block" feature like in Risen.