Yes I agreed with 80% of review

story IS weak if you ask me and I have played many RPPs.Yea I know It is another hero who save world just like any bioware game.agreed but that is only ending,true story take history facts,lore,NPCs and a whole story,not just ending.

For bugs I can"t say anything becaose I didn"t notice them.

Dialogues are solid

Music is amazing

Animations are OK if you ask me

Cinematics are wonderful

Interaction with NPCs is comic

voice acting is OK

Humor is Ok,nothing special

Replability is zero.I don"t have any wish to play again

I have seen many people who still claim that D2 is better game than DA:O but in Screenfun(gamer magazine in my country)D2 get 4/5 and DA:O get 5/5 with screenfun award.Please stop saying that D2 or DA:O is better game.They are maybe same genres but not same sub-genres and they are not on same level.