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Personally ,even if this game was perfect they would find something wrong,it's not American or Canadian.

I think they can keep their RPG and we will keep ours,Larian have much support in Europe and perhaps even Asia.

How anyone can say that this story is not better than that "Lord Of The Rings" blatant copy by BioWare,i don't know.

Don't get me wrong DAO is a bit more Polished but it's static unimaginative and damn right boring,yes i said boring. It's your typical linear stuff that BioWare like to churn out to their fanbase.

I have both games and i have played through DAO 1-1/2 times now just to see if i a missing something with all these top reviews it's getting.

BioWare have lost their way ,fame, rep and to much money have clouded their vision,they no longer have that RPG feel. What we have now is an over the top extended movie where most of the time is spent staring at lifeless pixels that spout constant dribble,no thanks ill stick with a RPG that has soul.

Now, i don't mind a good story but come on,it's constant stand still and unoriginal. Why copy the lord of the rings,think of your own theme BioWare.

This year we European are in for some treats..

We have Arcarnia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4vSr4R_DyA&feature=related

We have The Witcher Assassin Of Kings.. the witcher EE was a master piece ,yet again didn't get the respect it deserve.


We also have rumours of the 40 hour add on for Drakensang Dark Eye..

Now, yes these games will be release everywhere but i say let em keep DAO.

As a Europeans we should support all European dev teams that make great games,after all we in Europe know what fantasy is all about and medieval type RPG,we know what a real castle looks like.

This is just my opinion of course.

Dragon Age Origins= all flash and no dash... eek

D2= imaginative=fun and great story..

No i don't agree with that review.

I am from europe and I say GO BIOWARE and GO LARIAN

I hope that larian will get rich,so they can create better Divinity 3.

and why everyone is saying that DA:O is copy of of lord of rings.
They are completly different.

"Dragon Age Origins= all flash and no dash... eek

D2= imaginative=fun and great story.."= you should visit doctor

If you think that DA:O is boring you really don"t know what is old-school classical RPG.
But I can"t blame you.I understand that you like hack"n slash more.


and I am gonna buy Gothic and Witcher to support our devs but I am still BioWare fan.and Drakensang is good game but boring.Weak story and characters in your party don"t have any personality or past.

No one is saying that DAO is the same game as lord of the rings ..read the freaking post carefully dude.

What many have said,and i agree is that the story is the same as lord of the rings,it's a blatant copy.

I don't know what old school RPG is? get real how the hell do you know what i think old school RPG is, i have played countless RPG.

Don't even try to tell me what RPG i have played,you haven't got a clue.DAO is boring ,it's shiny and dull, lacking any originality and depth.If DAO was like BG1 then yeah it would get more love from me but it isn't.

Go play Drakensang " The Dark Eye" then come back and tell me about "old school" rpg. That game is IMO better than DAO,it's only let down is the voice over but other than that it blitz DAO into the dirt.

It's skill system and crafting is ten times better because it's sandbox,you do know what sandbox is don't you.

It has a great story that makes DAO look like the unoriginal rip from Lord of the rings it is.

Like i said, DAO is a freaking movie that gets real boring and predictable after the first few hours,you know where it's going.

The world is a box and your typical BioWare push you along the pathway crab,it's got to be the most linear game they have made.

Even Drakensangs world is less linear by a long shot.

D2 story is miles ahead of DAO,it spits it out and leave people like you to pick it back up again.

All in all DAO is a flash one track pony that is old and lacking any real substance,it's like BioWare have got stuck in their ways and move away from what made them special in the first place.

These days ,if you play one BioWare game then you have played them all but in a different skin.

Now,as for me needing a doctor ,yes i do because i think DAO has nearly bored me to death.

Oh,i leave you to your flash movie where all pathways are blocked.

I like Europe and hate the US? is this some sort of political thread now?

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