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Lmfao, this now turned into a DAO better than Divinity 2 thread No.2.
I suggest ignoring Raven.rpg, for he is too stubborn to see anything further than his nose. And don`t freaking doublepost you dumbass, how many times do we have to tell you?!

My take on the Gamespots review - Couldn`t care less. What matters is not what critics say, but what you think and believe of the game. Especially knowing that Gamespot, IGN and other most known game reviewer sites get paid to make better reviews, for our, current day, modern player only believes what critics say, not what he believes in.

I belive that BioWare has created another masterpiece.I buy game and I will buy expansion.But I guess that there will always be 1% of those who don"t like game.