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what a quote fest jesu christ reneder topic unreadable

dao vs d2
dao 10
d2 7.5

easy dao is better in any way but that dont make d2 bad

the whole think should be
risen vs d2
this 2 games can be compare not dao vs d2 cuz simply dao is 5 times bigger more complex etc and most importand dao is team based with rly fun party members when d2 is more action adventure rpg
like gothics or risen .
so d2 vs risen d2 wins mostly cuz risen is even shorte and half of skills are useless like whole no damage spells etc .

There was Fireball/Ice/Magic bullet.

Problem with Risen was that game became easy mode once you got Level 10 Fireball or Ice. Melee was very weak compared to magic & ranged.

Also, similar to Divinity 2 ending chapters were 100% combat and ending was terrible.

Anyway, I agree Divinity 2 & DA:O can't be compared since they're different type of RPG. Compare Drakensang with DA:O instead - both are party based.