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This place seems very xenophobic when it comes to anything that's from the US or Canada. Very odd. A very depressing place.

I can't stress enough that it's nothing personnel towards Canada or the US,i really have nothing against a good game coming from that part of the world.I am just being honest,i mean i actually think ME is a better game than DAO,it really is a deep and engaging game that deserves the praise.

It seems to me that a lot of people from the US won't have a bad word said against certain DEV teams even if they have not quite come up with the goods this time.Some of the reviews coming from the states and some European gaming sites are way off and not fair IMO.

Good to know it's your opinion; I don't share it.


Take "the Witcher" enhanced edition,it really is a brilliant game that has won over a hundred awards and kills DAO for story hands down,it's a fab mature RPG.

It must be a European thing, but I couldn't get into the story; maybe if I had read the book it's supposed to be based on I might have understood what little of it I did play.

DAO bad problems on the port over to consoles just like D2 had teething problems but the reviewers seem to conveniently leave stuff like that out when reviewing that game.

Maybe reviewers don't spend much time reading complaints that a small fraction of players post on a game's official forum; you do realize that all the complaints might seem like a lot of people are having problems, when it might be just the opposite.

The story is a rip from lord of the rings,i mean a blatant copy of events.

Some elements are similar, but I didn't see Tom Bombadil anywhere (come to think of it, he was missing from the movies too); nor did I see any Orcs and I'm fairly sure there are only two mages in all of Middle-Earth. There are a lot of major deviations that you've overlooked, too.

Any other dev team would be accused of an unoriginal story lacking any imagination but BioWare have got away with it.If a European dev team brings a crap game out then i will say it's crap but if that game is anywhere near decent i am going to support them.

Again, it's just your opinion; I'm sure there are others that share it, on both sides of the Atlantic, just as I'm sure there are people in both places that find it quite good.

it's a labour of love and not just a game churned out to the masses on a conveyor belt.

Gee, this sure sounds like what the Bioware Developers would say DA is to them...

I really don't understand how many people can't see it,they are stuck with these key dev teams that will continue to churn out the same old same old and gaming site will suck it up.

If this was another game set in the D&D Forgotten Realms (like most of their previous fantasy RPGs were), it would be the same old same old; since they've chosen not to do any more D&D games, I'd say they've found something that for some has the spirit of Baldur's Gate rather than the spirit of Neverwinter Nights.

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