non i dont even read your post
THERE IS NO RESPAWN in most of modern rpg's
There is respawn in HACK AND SLASH games AKA : diablo, sacred , titan quest
There is semi respawn in oblivion and semi respawn in morrowind : only monsters respawn human/deadric enemys dont

IF u like GRINDING and ifninite exping go play hack and slash, or World OF Noobs.. i mean Warcraft.. hmm
D2 is somehow clone of gothic in some aspects, and there is no repawn in gothic ( eccept g3 but that game was not real gothic but bugfest bs )

The point is grinding != rpg at all. whole infinite exp shiet is stricly h&s
go check wizardry or m&m. I Dont say grinding is bad at all but TBH i play titan quest few days agoo and need to sit and kill the same mobs over and over and over again is freeking borring like hell and is nothing to do with rpg .

and TBH i rly dont care are thre respawn or there is no respawn if mobs are balanced. so bad in d2 they are not but that is another story . also comparing D2 to HL2 is pointless hl is totally diferent story