It saddens me to see how the MMORPG's are influencing the gaming community. Where does this belief that RPG's have to have respawns come from?
'Cause those MMO's have respawns to keep their players (wheter monthly paying or not) entertained for the longest duration possible, suddenly every game has to have respawns?
How does playing a role have anything to do with respawning creatures and since when is not having respawns considered a flaw?

As SheaOhmsford pointed out, Devil May Cry cannot be compared to Divinity. Furthermore, though there are no actual levels in DMC, you do gain more power throughout the game, so basically gaining levels and powering up your character are the same(Red Orbs=experience), so stating that everything is 'level 1' is just a load of crap.

RPG's are not about complete control, there will always be limits to what your character can do or achieve. And well, level 35 might be the maximum level to achieve, but does WoW or GW (which both feature respawns) don't have a maximum level too? What is it that you want then? The possibility to go into infinite, or am I missing something?

I can understand some people like grinding, but that doesn't mean every game has to be a grindfest.